How hard have trade agreements hit Motor City?

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Donald Trump unveiled details of his economic policy plan Monday in a speech in Detroit, and Hillary Clinton is expected to lay out her economic plan there later this week.  Michigan has become an important focus for both campaigns, which are wooing so-called blue collar voters hit hard by manufacturing job losses. How hard have trade agreements hit Motor City? Also, Donald Trump has repeatedly complained that the upcoming Presidential election will be “rigged.” Saying that may or may not be an effective way to sway voters to vote for him. But there are security analysts who believe that it wouldn’t be too hard to hack not the political system... but the vote itself. Then, KCRW producer Matt Holzman accompanies Art Talk host Edward Goldman to St. Petersburg and his beloved Hermitage Museum. Next, Mary Elizabeth Williams had terminal, stage-four melanoma before she joined a clinical trial for immunotherapy treatment. She’s in complete remission today, and for her, immunotherapy has been nothing short of miraculous – but she’s the exception not the rule. And finally, NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans gives us the lowdown on Netflix’s The Get Down.

Image: Netflix's The Get Down