Hurricane Patricia, and Equal TV Time for Candidates

The most powerful hurricane on record in the Western Hemisphere is expected to hit Mexico today. Hurricane Patricia is anticipated to deliver 200-mph winds and torrential rains.

Then, in two weeks, Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live. Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton appeared on the show. What ever happened to equal time? Will the fourteen other Republican candidates also get to host, along with Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley?

Next, Airbnb has been ramping up its marketing efforts in advance of a vote on a ballot initiative in San Francisco to limit short-term rentals. This week, one of Airbnb’s related ad campaigns massively backfired.

And it’s that time of year—horror movies galore and a little bit of Oscar bait. Time for Friday film reviews!

Finally, in Beverly Hills this week, hundreds of people showed up at a city council meeting... for a vote on a dog park. Around 1 a.m., after hours of debate, the five council members finally voted to approve the park.

Banner Image: A NOAA animation of Hurricane Patricia with a rainbow infrared enhancement, approaching Mexico in the morning of October 23; Credit: NOAA