‘To All the Boys’ sequel is cute but not in a good way, says critic

Our critics review the new Netflix sequel “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” where Lana Condor is back as Lara Jean, who’s experiencing all sorts of romantic firsts with her boyfriend Peter -- until a recipient of one of her old love letters returns; “Sonic the Hedgehog,” in which the popular video game character navigates earth with his new human friend, and together they must fight off Dr. Robotnik; “The Photograph,” about a young woman who discovers love and family history; and “Downhill,” about a woman and her two sons who are left behind (by the husband) after an avalanche. 

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

“I think I lost a little bit of that energy and spirit that was in the first one in this sequel. … I remember crying a number of times in the first one, and this sequel I didn’t cry at all,” says Tre’vell Anderson.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tre’vell Anderson says kids will like this movie, but adults might also find it enjoyable: “I think people who might be fans of playing Sega back in the day … If you are a real big fan of Sonic, you could enjoy the movie as well. It is very referential to the video game — and then Jim Carrey.” 

The Photograph

“We don’t really get to see a lot of romantic movies at all with black folk at the lead, and if we do, they’re usually rooted in some sort of trauma or pain. 

‘The Photograph’ is just a simple love story,” says Tre’vell Anderson. 


The movie is a remake of the 2014 Swedish movie “Force Majeure.”

Katie Walsh says that unlike the original, the directors of “Downhill” tried to over explain everything the characters did and thought. 

“It ends with like a little bit more happy ending than ‘Force Majeure,’ at least more explainable. It’s like tied up in a bow,” she says. 


--Written by Amy Ta and Alex Tryggvadottir; produced by Alex Tryggvadottir