Jerry Brown: From Governor ‘Moonbeam’ to the ‘Adult in the Room’

As California’s youngest-ever governor in 1975, many Californians didn’t know what to make of Jerry Brown. What do people make of him now that he’s the state’s oldest-ever governor?

Hillary Clinton met with Senator Elizabeth Warren Friday, fueling speculation about a possible dream ticket for liberal Democrats. Warren has endorsed Clinton, but she hasn’t always been such an ardent supporter of her.

Next, terminally ill adults now have the right to die on their own terms in California. What do doctors think about the new law?

Then, games, heists, and ghostly hijinks come to a cineplex near you this weekend.

And finally, coming of age is a common theme in art, especially movies. “The Fits,” the directorial debut of Anna Rose Holmer, takes the subject in an innovative way. With little dialogue, the film is more like a dreamy meditation on the world of a young girl and the dance troupe she’s joined.