Film: Games, Heists, and Ghostly Hijinks

What’s new at a cineplex near you? Warcraft is a film based on the video game “World of Warcraft”. “Now You See Me: The Second Act” is about a group of Vegas magicians called The Horsemen who run spectacular heists. ”The Conjuring 2” follows married ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren to England and ghostly hijinks ensues. Are these new releases worth checking out?


William Bibbiani - film critic and co-host of the podcast “Canceled Too Soon” and “Critically Acclaimed” - @williambibbiani, Witney Seibold - contributor to IGN and co-host of the podcast Critically Acclaimed - @witneyseibold

Madeleine Brand

Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Jolie Myers, Christian Bordal, Laura Swisher, Sarah Sweeney