LAUSD Class Sizes, Airbnb in China, and Making L.A.: Food

Some 650,000 students went back to school yesterday in Los Angeles and most of them returned to crowded classrooms. Some classes can have more than 40 kids in them, which means less time with the teacher. And last year, Chinese tourists made 109 million trips out of the country, now Airbnb wants a piece of that action. The company recently raised a stunning $1.5 billion from investors and announced yesterday that it’s planning to use some of that money to set up shop in China. Then, where can you get a 4-hour, 20 course Japanese meal, the best French omelette on Planet Earth and a goat taco -- all in one day? Los Angeles, of course. But not everyone is sharing in this bounty. In today’s installment of our Making L.A. series, we explore L.A.’s food scene and food policy issues. Finally, Clifton’s cafeteria opened near the corner of Broadway and 7th street in 1935. It was family owned until 2010, when nightlife impresario Andrew Meieran bought the property. He closed Clifton’s in 2012 to revamp and remodel the interior and the brand new Clifton’s is set to open on September 17.