LAUSD Wants an iPad Refund, Etsy Goes Public, and Farmers Discuss Drought

The Los Angeles Unified School District is demanding a refund from Apple for what it says is bad software on the 43,000 iPads it bought as part of a failed, scandal-ridden tech plan. Who’s to blame for the debacle, and does the district deserve its money back? The online craft marketplace Etsy is going public and its outlook appears rosy. In our weekly web news roundup, we look at Hillary Clinton’s new campaign video. What are the promises and pitfalls of social media for political candidates? Next, we hear from two Central Valley farmers about the impacts of California’s drought and the state’s new water restrictions. And finally, the delta smelt fish is nearly extinct. Scientists recently found only a single one in the Delta River. What does that mean for the future of the species and the ecosystem it lives in?

Banner Image Credit: Toca Boca