How gyms are going to get customers back as they reopen

Gyms are reopening now and must adhere to certain guidelines, like screening for fevers and coughs, requiring social distancing and masks. Equipment must be cleaned before and after each use. Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs remain closed. Person-to-person contact activities are not allowed. Even with all these restrictions, there are still considerable risks. It remains to be seen whether members will trade fitness with potentially getting sick.

KCRW hears from JB Fitts, owner of Crown City, a gym in Pasadena. It was officially a CrossFit branded gym, but it recently disassociated with the national brand after CrossFit’s founder made derisive tweets and comments about the killing of George Floyd. 

Also joining the conversation: Kat Eschner, freelance journalist covering COVID-19 and gyms.