More LA Air Pollution, New G.E.D. and the Weird World of KidZania

A new study says that Los Angeles has 60 percent more methane in the air than previously thought. Oil and gas production is a big culprit. Will President Obama’s new proposal to cut drilling emissions make a dent? Then, will hydrogen-powered cars eclipse electric cars as the alternative fuel vehicles of the future? Next up, the G.E.D. has been revamped to be better aligned with current education standards; but the new test might be too hard. After that, we hear about an investigation into the use of flashbang grenades by police departments. The weapons are only supposed to create distractions during raids, but with lax oversight they’ve also hurt and killed people. And finally, a peek into the weird world of KidZania, a theme park where kids pretend to be adults. It’s eyeing an expantion to the U.S.

Banner Image: Oil drilling platform about two miles (3 km) off the coast of California by Antandrus