The Moth Radio Hour Helps Map the Brain, and Henry Rollins on the Ramones

UC Berkeley scientists recently used audio from “The Moth Radio Hour” to study where we file away the meanings of words in our brains, giving researchers an unprecedented window into how we interpret language. Their findings might help people who have difficulty speaking. Also, weeding at the Berkeley Public Library triggered protests and the head librarian’s resignation. Should the public have a say in which books public libraries get rid of? Then, we’ll talk about “Snowden”, Waze, and “textalyzers” in our weekly web roundup with Xeni Jardin. After that, it’s the 40th anniversary of the Ramones’ debut album this month, and Black Flag frontman and KCRW D.J. Henry Rollins talks about why the punk band means so much to him. And finally, Comcast will buy Dreamworks Animation. When does a mass media company become too massive?