College grads face COVID setbacks, a sled-racing dairy farmer, Tesla’s Cybertruck

“[This] doesn't necessarily say that kids these days aren't as good. It just means that there has been tangible and objective learning loss that has occurred, and as a society, that's something we need to face,” says Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Kesling. Photo by Shutterstock.

After three long pandemic years, employers say recent college graduates lack the hard and soft skills needed for the modern workplace.

Ohioans have rejected a measure that would make it harder to amend the state’s constitution. Abortion access was the subtext, leading up to a vote over the matter this fall.

Amid health and political challenges, Senator Diane Feinstein and her daughter are suing the estate of Feinstein’s late husband over money for health needs.

A new documentary tells the story of Doug Butler, a Vermont dairy farmer who risked losing his home to chase his dream of sled racing dogs in Alaska.

Tesla’s Cybertruck may hit the streets as soon as September. After months of delays, will the vehicle be able to compete in the EV truck market?