LA Opera conductor on holding onto her Colombian roots

Lina González-Granados is conducting “El Último Sueño de Frida y Diego.” Credit: YouTube.

Lina González-Granados is conducting LA Opera’s “El Último Sueño de Frida y Diego.” She reflects on the show’s themes of love and forgiveness, plus her journey to U.S. orchestras.

OpenAI, the company that created Chat GPT, unexpectedly ousted its chief executive Sam Altman on Friday. By Monday, Microsoft had hired him to run a new research unit.

“A federal appeals court heard oral arguments today over whether a lower court’s gag order violates former President Trump’s free speech rights.

KCRW hears how the film, TV, and theater business is going for Bill Veloric, a talent agent with Innovative Artists, and Carmen Cubah, an Emmy Award-winning casting director.