Disability rights activists push to get COVID vaccines earlier in California

The Disneyland Resort coronavirus vaccination site is on Katella Ave. Right now all people ages 65 and up can be vaccinated. Activists are trying to get people with disabilities — who are under 65 — eligible now too. Photo by Laura Kondourajian/KCRW

People ages 65 and up can get the coronavirus vaccine now in California. After all, they’re more likely to die of COVID-19 than any other group. But people with serious disabilities — who are younger than 65 — have the same risk too. They’re no longer prioritized.

Earlier this week, a state vaccine advisory panel rejected a push from disability rights advocates to let them join people 65 and older in the vaccination line now. One meeting this afternoon could change that, however.

KCRW spoke this morning with Andy Imparato, Executive Director of Disability Rights California, and Hector Ramirez, an LA-based activist who is hard-of-hearing and on the autism spectrum.