Bad Bunny’s music is political force, connects with LGBTQ audiences

“[Bad Bunny] uses the video to remind us that Puerto Ricans are on that land. The island isn't this empty space where there are no consequences for our actions. ‘Aqui vive gente,’ he says, people live here,” explains Latino and Latina studies professor Maria Elena Cepeda. Credit: YouTube.

Bad Bunny’s latest music video focuses on Puerto Rico and its people’s ability to preserve amid chronic power outages five years after Hurricane Maria.

Giorgia Meloni is likely to become Italy’s first female prime minister and the country’s first far-right leader since World War II. Her coalition won the most votes over the weekend.

An Arizona judge has ruled the state’s Civil War-era prohibition of abortions can be enforced. It’s the latest state to restrict access to the procedure.

The Biden administration has chosen two sections off the California coast to build massive wind turbines, but environmentalists and commercial fishing groups are concerned.

Mississippi sued Brett Favre this year for allegedly misspending state welfare funds on sports stadiums. Now newly released text messages show Favre pressured the state’s former governor to secure that funding.