Making summer camps safe and fun for kids amid the pandemic

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Before coronavirus, Tumbleweed Day Camp had potato sack races. Photo courtesy of Liz Kimmelman.

Now that it’s summer, the prospect of being cooped up in the heat with nothing to do is an unpleasant thought for anyone. Summer camp was the go-to for kids. Now, camps are allowed to reopen. But how can people mitigate COVID-19 contagion risk from a bunch of kids together in a cabin, around the campfire, and on a stage?

“Every good actor knows projection and enunciation is your friend. However with COVID-19, it is not,” says Devon Yates, Artistic Director at Pasadena’s Theater360, which teaches kids about theater. 

Before coronavirus, Tumbleweed Day Camp had archery lessons. Photo courtesy of Liz Kimmelman. 
Theater360 offers professional theater productions and education to children ages 3 to 19. Photo courtesy of Devon Yates. 

Liz Kimmelman - owner and director of Tumbleweed Day Camp, Devon Yates - Artistic Director at Theater360 in Pasadena

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