Traveling OB/GYN from CA wants country to see abortion as simply part of medical care

“I trust that if someone has gone through the effort to make the appointment, often traveled considerable distances … to make it to my exam room, cross through the protesters at the entrance and make it in, then I know that they've thought through that decision that they need to be there,” says OB/GYN Rebecca Taub. Photo by Shutterstock.

Rebecca Taub, an OB/GYN from California’s East Bay, has been traveling to Oklahoma City once a month to perform abortions at a clinic there. She sees dozens of patients a day, and some are coming from Texas.

“It is activism. For me, it is frustrating. I was just talking with a colleague today about how abortion is a part of medical care. And I wish that we could provide this care and just have it be seen in that way. But obviously, that's not the system that we live in,” Taub says.  

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