The future of work post-pandemic

As employees return to the workplace, they might begin to miss their remote work lives. Photo by Shutterstock.

 More than half of all American adults have been vaccinated, according to the Biden administration, and life is seemingly speeding back to normal. But offices aren’t quite sure how to approach bringing back employees, especially now that so many jobs can be done from home in pajamas.

“There's gonna be a desire to really have a more hybrid and flexible schedule that works with the rhythms of a person's day and person's week, instead of simply saying that every single person, no matter the type of work that they do, should be going to and from the office at a certain hour every day,” says Anne Helen Petersen, author of “Out of Office.”

Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley says, “If people think more broadly about redesigning and reimagining the future of work, they can actually begin to expand the talent pool and hire people who may live in rural parts of the country and still have them be a thriving member of their community,” Neeley says