The Crowded Race to Fill Barbara Boxer's Senate Seat

There are 34 candidates running to fill Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat and polls say that somewhere between a third and half of voters are undecided.

Also, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has ordered that the tiny houses for the homeless in South L.A. he recently had removed be returned. We’ll check in with the man behind them.

Next, the murder of a Honduran activist has members of the U.S. Congress questioning American aide to the Central American country.

After that, the internet and social media have ushered in a ‘new comedy economy’ for comics. Is that good for funny?

And finally, we’ll talk about HBO’s big weekend on our weekly TV roundup.

Banner Image: Sen. Barbara Boxer at her victory rally on election night, Nov. 2, 2010; Credit: Neon Tommy via Flickr