The New Ebola Plan, Eisenhower Memorial Fight, and a Really Big Squid

President Obama plans to announce a new large-scale response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa today. We discuss the details and talk to a healthcare worker fighting the epidemic in Liberia. We also hear about the knock-down, drag-out fight that continues in the nation’s capital over Frank Gehry’s Eisenhower memorial plans for the National Mall. Plus, we take a trip down the country’s most endangered river, the San Joaquin, from the Sierra Nevadas to the San Francisco Bay. And we learn about a 770-pound colossal squid that scientists just dissected in New Zealand.

Banner Image: Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General for Polio, Emergencies and Country Collaboration (World Health Organization) during the press conference on the Ebola virus. 16 September 2014. Credit: UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré