What Facebook knows about IG’s harm on teens, and how 30-year-olds are buying $1 million LA homes

Facebook has done years of research into Instagram, and found that a sizable percentage of its teen users are suffering from body image and anxiety issues that have been exacerbated by the photo platform. But despite internal knowledge of the situation, there’s little effort to rectify the issue. Photo by Shutterstock.

New information is out about how Trump wanted to seize a second presidential term. The new book “Peril” reveals that Trump’s lawyers gave Mike Pence a strategy for overturning the election results.

More renters became first-time homeowners during the pandemic, and the average home price in LA is $1 million. Who can afford it?

Press Play also looks at internal research of Instagram’s harmful effects on girls — and the lack of effort to resolve body image and mental stress issues.

Finally, “Bodies” host Allison Behringer gives a preview of the third season of her podcast.