U.S.-Cuba Deal, L.A. Nightclub Mogul Strikes Out in Vegas, and a Year in Hacks

We start with a look at the details of today’s historic agreement between the U.S. and Cuba, restoring diplomatic relations after decades of alienation. Also, a look at the bizarre, Cold War-esque tactics used by the federal government agency USAID in Cuba, including a plot to infiltrate the country’s underground hip-hop scene. Then, an L.A. nightlife mogul struck out with his plan for a hotel-casino in Las Vegas, due to revelations about his past drug use and financial ties. Next up, why are toys today more gender-specific than they were 50 years ago? And what are parents trying to navigate holiday shopping to do? Finally, we look back at the year in hacks, from Sony to Home Depot to JP Morgan.

Banner Image: Ministry of the Interior building on the Plaza de la Revolución, Havana