Artists sue AI companies, Jake Shears releases ‘Last Man Dancing’

“Liminal” by Kelly McKernan. The artist says their style is electric art nouveau that includes vibrant colors. Courtesy of Kelly McKernan.

Nashville artist Kelly McKernan is part of a class-action lawsuit against two AI companies and DeviantArt. They say AI companies violate copyright laws. 

Cluster bombs spread small grenades over a large area and can harm civilians. Most countries have banned them. On Sunday, Biden justified this decision to send them to Ukraine. 

A federal appeals court decision on homelessness drew blistering dissents from conservative judges, and California’s Supreme Court says employers aren’t responsible for the spread of COVID in employees' families.

Jake Shears is out with a new disco-heavy album, "Last Man Dancing.” It features big-name artists like Kylie Minogue, Big Freedia, and Iggy Pop.