What to watch for during vice presidential debate, and where the LA district attorney race stands

Vice presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will debate tonight at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. The goal is basically to defend their running mates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, respectively.

How might Harris’ record as a prosecutor impact tonight’s debate? Also, Mike Pence heads the White House’s task force on COVID-19 and will likely face questions about the outbreak currently unfurling in the White House, plus the critique that the administration is spreading misinformation about the disease. How might he handle that line of questioning?

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, District Attorney Jackie Lacey is seeking reelection as George Gascon, former San Francisco District Attorney and LAPD Assistant Chief, wants to take her seat. He says more needs to be done to overhaul law enforcement and protect the most vulnerable in the community.

Lacey has faced dwindling support since the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction.

The most recent bad news for her comes from LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, who withdrew his endorsement on Sunday. Garcetti is now publicly supporting George Gascón in the race.



  • Raphe Sonenshein - Executive Director, Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs, Cal State LA