Wage theft in LA restaurants, GMO Labeling and the reality of reality TV

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Today we begin with a preview of KCRW’s five-part investigation into wage theft and other abuses in LA’s restaurant industry. The series, Burned, airs this week and reporter Karen Foshay talks about findings. Next, President Obama has signed a new law that will require food makers to label items that contain genetically modified ingredients. But there’s no scientific evidence of health risks related to GMOs, so what’s the purpose of the labels? Then, we revisit a conversation from earlier this year with historian Kathryn Olmsted, who says that the foundations of today’s Republican party -- including Trump’s presidential campaign -- have surprising origins in California. And finally, on the day of The Bachelorette season finale, we take stock of the business and popularity of reality television.

Image: California Labor Commissioner Julie Su. Her office handles wage claims filed against thousands of California restaurants. (Credits: Karen Foshay)