Watching results, texts to boost turnout, and “I voted” stickers

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We’ll be glued to our radios, TVs and computers to find out who won the election tonight. Here’s a guide on what to watch for and when. has been trying to get people to vote by texting them. The website has sent hundreds of thousands of text messages to eligible voters.

Even in a nation divided along partisan lines, everyone seems to agree that “I Voted” stickers are awesome. They’ve been around since the 1980s and are a $30 million business per year. We get an explainer.

More than half of Americans surveyed by the American Psychological Association say the election is a significant source of stress for them. Therapists offer advice on how to cope.

Jin Xing was a male ballet dancer and decorated military colonel before becoming one of China’s most popular television hosts. She also happens to be a transgender pioneer.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Valadez.