Why some cities are preemptively banning recreational pot

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If it passes, Prop 64 would legalize recreational marijuana statewide, and cities could make their own rules around the growth, sale and use of weed. But some California cities are pre-emptively banning the sale of recreational pot until they can figure out what to do locally.

Los Angeles voters will also see Measure M on the ballot. It would raise $120 billion over the next 40 years to help fund mass transit expansions. Voters in more than two dozen other metro areas like San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta are considering similar transit funding measures.

A new study out this week found that people with African-American sounding names -- as opposed to white sounding names -- had to wait longer for Lyft or Uber rides in Seattle, and were twice as likely to be cancelled on in Boston. Airbnb has also faced accusations of discrimination.

A new detective novel by Joe Ide looks follows private investigator Isaiah Quintabe. Also known as IQ, he’s a genius unlicensed PI from east Long Beach, working for the shadiest LA characters.

Pacific Seas is a Tiki bar at Clifton’s Cafeteria, and it opens this weekend. We look at the history of Tiki in LA and its apparent resurgence.

Photo: Neeta Lind