Amid Ye’s antisemitism, it’s our job to root out hate, says rabbi

“We all have a sphere of influence. … It may be around our dinner table with our family. It may be in the classroom. … It may be on our social media platforms. We all have a part of the garden that we can reach, that we can tend. And our job is to … root out hate speech, and root out ancient, evil tropes,” says Rabbi Steve Leder. Photo by Shutterstock.

Artist Ye has been spouting conspiracy theories and antisemitic rants. But that’s galvanized people who believe in goodness, love, and understanding, says LA Rabbi Steve Lede

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A new PBS film looks at how people are finding a voice and income stream on TikTok, but also harassment and censorship. Its content moderation lacks transparency, says director Shalini Kantayya.

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