Mixer: The force in law enforcement

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friday mixer bannerThere’s no doubt, police officers are in a dangerous business.

Their lives can be put in peril when they hit the streets of cities and towns across America.

But, given some very high profile – and videoed – altercations that have taken place in the last few months between police and civilians, the issue of using lethal force and other types of brutality and has hit a fevered pitch.

Protests continue across the country, and here in Los Angeles – a place that’s no stranger to accusations of police strain with the community.

So what’s at work here? Why does it seem like there’s an increase in incidents? Is it because we’re seeing examples videoed by bystanders more often, or are police — like their gear — of a more militaristic realm.

A true war on crime.

In his State of the City Address this week, Mayor Eric Garcetti talked about LAPD measures to combat gang violence, domestic abuse, and improve community relations in response to a rise in crime in LA.

Andrew Blankstein covers police, courts and homeland security for NBC News.  He’s a former reporter from the Los Angeles Times, where he worked with colleague Richard Winton.

Winton had an interesting story in the Times last week talking about why police chases end badly.

Both joined us for the Mixer this week.