2001 A.N. (Anno Napster)

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Having defeated Napster in court, record labels are about to offer their own fee-based Internet music services. But they may still be fighting yesterday's battle. Despite the demise of Napster, other services still offer free downloads of thousands of songs stored on other people's computers. Doomsayers forecast the end of an industry. Optimists say the music business will survive just as the movie business learned to live with VCR's. We look at how we own and use music with music makers, providers and listeners.
  • Newsmaker: Macedonia versus the Albanian Rebels - Some 400 British troops are on the way to Skopje as the first contingent of NATO soldiers assigned to collect arms from Albanian rebels. The Washington Post's Peter Finn assesses the shaky cease-fire as well as Macedonian promises of Albanian political gains in exchange for disarmament.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Launch of the New Zeppelin - The tragic crash of the Hindenberg 1937, which killed 35 of 96 people aboard, has become a historic icon symbolizing the end of the zeppelin as a form of air transport. Now, the zeppelin has risen again. Bernd Straeter, of Zeppelin Airship Technique, heralds the development of the new airship with improved and safer technology.


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