2002 State of the Union Message Preview

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Tomorrow night, President Bush delivers his second speech on the State of the Union. The annual event, which draws practically no attention in some years but lots of attention in others, is expected to draw a larger than usual audience. In the midst of recession, can Bush turn his own wartime popularity into support for Republicans in this election year? He's looking for increased spending on defense and homeland security, but domestic programs may take a hit. Will Americans still believe he shares their pain? We talk to former presidential speechwriters and others about the challenges and opportunities faced by President Bush in tomorrow's State of the Union address.
  • Newsmaker: Wall Street Journal Correspondent Seized in Pakistan
    The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty has kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, claiming that he is an covert CIA agent and demanding that Pakistani prisoners held in Cuba be returned to Pakistan for trial. The paper has denied any CIA claim and is calling for Pearl's release. Colleague Allan Cullison has also reported from South Asia for the Journal.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Emerging Contradictions About Taliban Rulers
    The Taliban banned music in Afghanistan and enforced the Koran's ban on representations of the human image. But even their harsh rules were made to be broken. The New Yorker's John Lee Anderson, who visited Afghanistan during the Taliban's rule and after the regime had been overthrown, discovered that Afghanistan's leaders were not always what they seemed to be.



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