2004 Olympics, Tarnished and Targets of Terrorism?

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Four weeks from today, with the Pantheon in view, Greece will lead the march into the Olympic Stadium for the opening ceremonies of the 2004 Games. More than 10,000 athletes will try to put aside the swirling talk of potential terrorism, rampant drug use, and unfinished construction, and focus on the pursuit of their dreams. Not since Berlin in 1936, with the tension of Hitler fostering his Aryan ideologue, has there been so much negative anticipation of an Olympic games. After overwhelming fixation on everything but the athletes, will the magic of the torch, the rings, the gold-medal efforts still sparkle this time around in Greece? Guest host Diana Nyad speaks with sports historians, journalists from the US, Brazil and France about the radical changes the Olympics have undergone and the difficulties for the Athens Games.
  • Making News: Martha Stewart Sentenced
    In a New York courtroom today, Martha Stewart was sentenced for her involvement in selling her ImClone stock on an insider tip. The long-suffering business diva will go to prison for five months, spend another five in home confinement, and pony up $30,000. University of Southern California law professor Susan Estrich assesses the court's choice of such a low sentence and its uncommon issuance of a stay pending Stewart's appeal.
  • Reporter's Notebook: AIDS in East Asia
    Forty million people are currently living with AIDS and 45 million more likely to become infected by 2010. Some 26 million are infected in sub-Saharan Africa alone. At the 15th annual AIDS Conference, which just ended in Bangkok, the World Health Organization has begun establishing new front lines against the disease, as it shifts from Africa to Thailand, Vietnam and China. Fadia Saadah, sector manager for health, nutrition and population of the East Asian region of the World Bank, has an update.
Guest host Diana Nyad holds the world record for the longest swim without the aid of a cage -- from Bimini to Florida, 102.5 miles! She was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame last year. She's a business sports columnist for Marketplace, and has served as senior sports correspondent for Fox News, and hosted her own show on CNBC. She's written three books, Other Shores, Basic Training and The Keyshawn Johnson Story.


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