A Climate Change Deal in China, and Calls for Change in Mexico

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The historic deal between the US and China promises to set the most ambitious carbon reduction standards ever from the world’s top two greenhouse gas producers. In Beijing it’s all about keeping the economy UP and public discontent down. But how will a Republican-controlled Senate react? Are the goals ambitious enough?

Also, the case of 43 missing students in Mexico has made headlines around the world. Now members of a drug gang have confessed to mass murder, and implicated local police and officials in the state of Guerrero. What would it take to break the hold of drugs and political corruption in Mexico? 

Barbara Bogaev guest hosts.

Photo: People carry banners and flags as they march toward Zocalo Square to demand more information about the missing students of the Ayotzinapa Teachers' Training College 'Raul Isidro Burgos' in Mexico City November 9, 2014. (Bernardo Montoya/Reuters)