A Face Lift for the Postal Service

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Competition from faxes, e-mail and overnight services that diminish its profitability pushed the US Postal Service to announce that it's considering ending Saturday mail delivery. Soaring labor costs and government restrictions exacerbate the situation. Is the postal system a dinosaur heading for extinction or the cornerstone of American culture? We hear from experts at the Cato Institute, the National Postal Museum, the government, the union that represents thousands of rural mail carriers, and others. (Diana Nyad guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: The Bush Budget - President Bush has sent Congress his .96 trillion budget. Lobbyists have begun trying to garner support for their agendas from Congressional representatives. Peter Grier, of The Christian Science Monitor, warns that many federal discretionary programs programs will have to scale back to accommodate the new figures.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Augusta National Golf Course Yesterday, by winning the fabled Masters Championship in Augusta, Georgia, Tiger Woods became the first man in history to own all four major golf titles at once. Gary McCord, golf analyst for CBS Sports, says the 25-year-old links phenom has used his extraordinary work ethic and amazing mind to elevate the "game of enigmas" to a new high.

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