A Fight Brews in the Republicans' 'Big Tent'

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In Boston, despite the Democrats- history of internal squabbling, John Kerry orchestrated a -love fest.- George Bush wants to do the same thing in New York, but he could face a floor fight at the convention if he won-t change the platform to say Republicans can -disagree- about abortion and gay marriage. Does an inclusive -big tent- mean compromising on social issues? Will sticking with the conservative base alienate moderates who could decide November-s election? Warren Olney discusses gay marriage, abortion rights and party unity with activist, gay, conservative and pro-choice Republicans.
  • Making News Rumsfeld Strikes Cautious Tone over National Intel Director
    When President Bush endorsed the 9/11 Commission-s proposal for a national intelligence -tsar,- he left open the role of the Pentagon, which accounts for 80 percent of intelligence spending. Today, the Senate Armed Services Committee heard words of caution from Donald Rumsfeld. Jonathan Broder, defense and foreign policy editor for Congressional Quarterly, details the Defense Secretary's hesitation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 35th Anniversary of Woodstock
    Woodstock defined a generation, identifying the 60-s as the era of -peace, love and rock -n roll.- That might never have happened if it hadn-t been for Woodstock, the movie about the rock concert. Technologically ahead of its time, it won an Oscar and has become an important artifact, enjoyed by new generations of music lovers and studied by social historians. Associate producer Dale Bell remembers the historic event.

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