A Glimmer of Hope for Peace in the Middle East

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-Bethlehem and Gaza First,- the latest effort at cease-fire in the Middle East, is being called -a glimmer of hope.- Yet even that may be an overstatement. Israeli forces have agreed to pull out of Bethlehem and Gaza, but only if there-s a reduction of violence on the Palestinian side. Palestinians will do their best, if Israel relaxes its harsh occupation. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have promised more violence. Right-wing Israelis have threatened to bring down the government. Could this be a first step toward peace or a forgone failure? We hear how Israelis and Palestinians are testing each other, despite opposition from within, from Palestinian and Israeli government officials, a Middle East specialist, and the Vice President of Bethlehem University.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Press Conference
    Tomorrow, President Bush will be flying to fire-ravaged Oregon to announce new rules for logging in national forests. Today, he talked to Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld and others about the military. Reporter Jim Gerstenzang, who attended the press conference for Los Angeles Times, says that Bush talked about the military, national security and contingency plans, but not about Iraq.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Saudis Withdraw Billions of Dollars from US
    Saudi Arabians, including the royal family, have US investments estimated at $ 400 to $ 600 billion. But their investments in American stocks, bonds, real estate and equities have been declining, especially since September 11. Is America no longer safe for Saudi money? James Dorsey, of the Wall Street Journal, considers recent Saudi-s asset diversification and the changing face of democracy in the Middle East.



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