A Grim Milestone for Capital Punishment

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Tomorrow, North Carolina will likely impose execution number 1000 since capital punishment was reinstated in 1976. This week in Virginia, which as executed 94 people, more than any state except Texas, Governor Mark Warner commuted a death sentence to life without parole. Warner is a potential candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, and his action raises political questions. California's Arnold Schwarzenegger is being asked to commute the sentence of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Schwarzenegger could be the first California Governor to grant clemency since Ronald Reagan. Is the death penalty all about vengeance? What about rehabilitation? What are the political consequences of clemency?
  • Making News: President Bush's AIDS Day Message
    The White House will dim the lights on the North Portico for five minutes tonight in honor of World AIDS Day, and President Bush said today he's keeping his promise of help to some 40 million people with HIV/AIDS. David Brown is medical reporter for the Washington Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Iraq, the Next Phase
    Yesterday, President Bush said that as Iraqi forces become more capable, America will focus on targeting what he called "the most dangerous terrorists." But even if that means a drawdown of troops, US commanders have told Congress that American help will be needed for a long time to come. In this week's New Yorker magazine, Seymour Hersh reports on what the next phase might look like.

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