A Heart-wrenching Week of Violence in America

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A sniper attack in Dallas left five officers dead and seven wounded after a peaceful protest against police shootings became a nightmare. To a nation already stunned by live video of the aftermath of a fatal police shooting of a motorist in Minnesota, the Texas massacre was one more stunning blow. How will the country process these twin tragedies? Is the always-fragile peace between the police and the citizens they’re sworn to protect now shattered in new ways We’ll hear from scholars and experts on race relations and police tactics, and a journalist who’s profiled some of the victims left behind.

Later, we’ll delve more deeply into the technical realities and cultural impacts of live-streaming video of police shootings. How should social media sites like Facebook handle such explosive material, and are we prepared to deal with the aftermath? Do we need new rules of the road for the digital age?

Photo: A screen capture from a Facebook Live stream of the Dallas police shooting. (Video by Michael Kevin Bautista)



Todd Purdum