A Moratorium on Death?

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As survivors of Timothy McVeigh's victims and supporters of capital punishment await his execution, even Texas, which has led the US in recent executions, is hearing a resounding call for a death penalty moratorium. A growing nationwide debate over the death penalty questions its effectiveness as a deterrent as well as its uneven application. We ask "who owns death" and what drives the moratorium movement with families of the Oklahoma City bombing victims, supporters and opponents of capital punishment, and a Texas State Senator who has introduced a bill calling for a death penalty moratorium.
  • Newsmaker: US Says CIA Crew Urged Against Attack on Plane - CIA contract workers appealed to Peruvian officials not to shoot down a plane that turned out to be carrying American missionaries. Veronica Bowers and her infant were killed by the gunfire that brought down the aircraft. Paula Pedovino, a specialist on Peru, has more on the tragedy and on the changing role of American reconnaissance efforts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FTC Will Slam Music Firms on Marketing to Children - The Federal Trade Commission has issued a sequel to their report on the marketing of violent entertainment to children. Jeff Leeds, of the Los Angeles Times, says the FTC applauded progress on the film and video front but found the music industry's X-rating of acts like Eminem insufficient, and opened the door to expanding restraints to retailers.

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