A Post-War Plan in Iraq?

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It-s been two months since President Bush said the major fighting was over in Iraq, but daily sabotage, ambush and other attacks are taking a heavy toll on American forces. President Bush says the US has made -steady progress- in restoring order and public service, but polls show a majority of Americans don-t think the occupation is going well. What-s it like for Iraqis and American soldiers in the blazing heat and the post-war wreckage? Was the US prepared for so much opposition? How long will it take to establish a new regime, and what will it cost in lives and money? We hear from a Christian Science Monitor reporter in Iraq, a member of the Pentagon-s Defense Policy Board and a former Middle East specialist and counterintelligence officer for the Marines.
  • Making News: Palestinian Police in Bethlehem
    In Bethlehem today, church bells pealed and sirens wailed as Israeli troops pulled out and Palestinian policemen took up positions in the city where Jesus was born. Although the mayor of Bethlehem called the withdrawal more ceremonial than real, Charles Radin, Middle East Bureau chief for the Boston Globe, reports that Israel-s departure contributes another crucial foothold toward peace in the region.
  • Reporters Notebook: IOC Votes on 2010 Winter Olympics
    Vancouver, British Columbia has been chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games in the year 2010, but it wasn-t as easy as Canadians might have liked. After all, the International Olympic Committee is a highly political body, as illustrated by the scandals surrounding last year-s Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Alan Abrahamson is in Prague following the IOC meeting for the Los Angeles Times.


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