A Presidential Campaign Update

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President Bush is on the attack today, blasting Senator Kerry for comments on terrorism in yesterday's New York Times. Kerry's campaign calls the Bush assault "ridiculous," and strikes back on energy policy and homeland security. With the race still deadlocked, both sides are gearing up for the final debate, just two days away. Warren Olney hears more on the latest charges and counter-charges, looks at what to expect on Wednesday, when the subject will be domestic affairs, and considers whether voting-place irregularities in states like Florida and Ohio will lead to another disputed election. He's joined by journalists from the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal, an election official for Tallahassee, election reform analysts and former campaign consultants.
  • Making News: 'Superman' and Stem Cell Research Advocate Christopher Reeve Dies
    He was the "man of steel" who turned tragedy into an extraordinary display of personal courage. After a fall from a horse broke his neck and left him paralyzed from the waste down, Christopher Reeve still was able to act and direct, and to crusade world wide on behalf of spinal chord research. Reeve died yesterday from cardiac failure after a pressure wound became infected. He was 52. Adrian Havill is the author of Man of Steel: The Career and Courage of Christopher Reeve
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Automotive War in Baghdad
    It sounded like a great idea for a story in the Los Angeles Times. Send Pulitzer Prize-winner Dan Neil, who writes about cars, to Baghdad, where surface transportation is a matter for the protected and the unprotected. Neil has more on the tense mood, terrible traffic and other elements of the automotive war in Baghdad.

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