A Real Case of Murder Unfolds Like a Hollywood Thriller

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An official of the Palestinian group Hamas was murdered in Dubai. Dubai police call the killing a targeted assassination by agents of Israel. We look at the latest developments, and the worldwide controversy. Also, the Obama Administration considers switching course to military tribunals for alleged terrorists. On Reporter's Notebook, will Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Avatar boost the audience for the Oscar telecast this Sunday night?

Banner image: British-born Israeli Paul John Keeley (top row) is seen speaking in an exclusive interview to Israel's Channel 10 television on the monitors at the station's control room on February 17, 2010. British-born Keeley, emigrated to Israel 15 years ago and lives on a Kibbutz in the center of the country, but denies any involvement in the assassination of Hamas' Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on January 20, 2010. Photo: David Silverman/Getty Images