A Third Week of Government Shutdown, Three Days Until Default

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Global confidence in the stability of America was in question today as party leaders struggled to re-open the government and pay its bills. If the US runs out of money on Thursday, it’ll be the first default by a major country since Nazi Germany in 1933.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has hit new lows in public opinion, with a substantial number of GOP House members saying they don’t care. We’ll get a progress report on a crisis that could lead to fundamental shifts in American politics... and in this country’s role in the world.

Banner image: U.S. House Democrats line up to march onto the House floor for a Saturday session to address the current U.S. government shutdown, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, October 12, 2013. Congressional negotiations to end a U.S. fiscal crisis that has gripped Washington and spooked financial markets hung by a thread on Saturday after they broke down in the House of Representatives and were in preliminary stages in the Senate. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



Warren Olney