Abu Mazen in Washington: The Future of the Middle East

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Although Israel is demanding that the Palestinian Prime Minister crack down on militant groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, two days ago, Mahmoud Abbas responded -that-s not an option at all.- Now, Abbas is in Washington for a Friday meeting with President Bush. The Palestinian leader, also known in the Arab world as Abu Mazen, is making the visit to keep President Bush-s -road map- on track. With little support at home, Abbas needs help from the White House, but Israel-s Ariel Sharon still holds most of the cards. What does each side want from the other? What are the President-s options? What do Iran and Syria have to do with the -road map- to peace? We speak with political scientists in the Middle East and the US, and special advisors to former President Clinton and the Secretary General of the UN.
  • Making News: California Gubernatorial Recall Certified
    An election to recall the Governor of California will be held October 7, less than a year since last November, when Democrat Gray Davis was narrowly re-elected. Republicans gathered enough signatures to put a recall on the ballot, and today, Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante announced the date of the election. Robert Salladay of the San Francisco Chronicle says election officials and potential gubernatorial candidates racing to prepare.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Kim Jong Il's Slush Fund
    While millions of its people are starving, North Korea-s brutal dictator threatens the world with the prospect of nuclear weapons. How does the government of Kim Jong Il stay in power? Jay Solomon, East Asia correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, reports on a 30 year-old, largely unpublicized trading network and the $3 billion slush fund called -Division 39.-

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