Afghanistan Readies for Democracy

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After 23 years of constant warfare, the much-awaited loya jirga will start forming Afghanistan-s permanent government next week; if the loya jirga can get off the ground. Some of the 1400 delegates have been bribed by ethnic war-lords, the dominant Pushtuns have threatened a boycott, American troops are still pursuing the Taliban and Al Qaeda and International forces are stuck in Kabul. We talk about civic order and Democracy in the new Afghanistan with a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, the Director of Human Rights Watch, an Afghanistan aid worker with the United Nations Development Program, and Afghanistan policy advisor to the Pentagon during the Reagan years.
  • Newsmaker: Two Killed, One Rescued In Philippines Hostage Raid
    Philippine troops trained by US forces conducted a high-tech rescue attempt today. During the raid, American missionary Martin Burnham and Filipino nurse Ediborah Yap were killed, and Burnham-s wife Gracia survived a bullet wound in the leg. All three were kidnapped more than a year ago by Abu Sayyaf, an extremist group with alleged ties to Al Qaeda. The Deputy International Editor for UPI explains the issue.
  • Reporter's Notebook: All-Inuit Film The Fast Runner Opens in NY, LA
    80 years ago, the silent documentary film Nanook of the North established the simplistic stereotype of life above the Arctic Circle as continuously cheerful and happy-go-lucky. Now, from filmmakers who are themselves members of the Inuit tribe, comes a different kind of film called The Fast Runner. It-s a Shakespearean tale of love and vengeance, of magic and bawdy humor. The Times of London describes it as -a ripping yarn, majestically filmed.- The New York Times calls it -a masterpiece." We are joined by the director/producer/co-screenwriter--an Inuit tribe member-as well as the co-producer/editor/director of photography to discuss this remarkable film.

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