Aid Cutoff to Palestinians Takes Its Toll

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The Palestinian Petroleum Agency says that in 24 hours it will run out of fuel to run the economy. The World Bank has already predicted a "humanitarian crisis" because the US, Europe and Israel have cut off aid since Hamas won the latest election. An unprecedented action plan by the so-called "Quartet" -- European Union, Russia, the United States and the United Nations -- says it will channel aid directly to the Palestinian people, bypassing the Palestinian Authority now controlled by Hamas. Will that be enough to avert economic and humanitarian crises? Will international pressure bring down Hamas, or will its hard line make it more popular with Palestinian voters? We update the crisis in the West Bank and Gaza, and plans to bypass Hamas by providing assistance directly to the Palestinian people.
  • Making News: Fed Expected to Boost Key Interest Rate
    As we go on the air, it has not happened yet, but it's widely expected that the Federal Reserve will raise a key interest rate today to its highest level in five years. Michael Mandel, chief economist for BusinessWeek magazine, assesses the likely impact of what is expected to be predicted quarter-point boost on the economy and stock market.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Can Democrats Capitalize on Bush's Bad Poll Numbers?
    The latest New York times/CBS News poll shows President Bush's approval rating at a new low of just 31 percent, tying with his father just four months before George H. W. Bush lost his bid for re-election. The findings come just six months before the next midterm election, with Republicans trying to hold on to majorities in Congress. Can the Democrats take advantage? Michael Tomasky is editor of the American Prospect.

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