Air Pollution, Atomic Power and Nuclear Weapons--in India

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Since economic liberalization in the 1990's, India has industrialized at record speed. While growth of 7 or 8% a year has led to American-style consumerism for those who can afford it, that's come at the price of massive pollution, with health-consequences for all of India's people. Now, a new study shows pollution by deadly chemicals--some at 32,000 times accepted levels. India's "brown cloud" is a major contribution to worldwide contamination and global warming. President Bush has offered technology for atomic power, even though India could use it to develop more nuclear weapons. Will the US Senate decide the nuclear package rewards India for ignoring the non-proliferation treaty? We hear the results of the extraordinary two-year study and find out what it means for the rest of the world.
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    Leading up to yesterday's Democratic primary for Governor of California, State Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly ran such a nasty campaign that voters didn't like either. Angelides, who will face Arnold Schwarzenegger in November, says Westly was "gracious" in defeat. Were there any lessons for Republicans or Democrats nationwide? Tim Hodson is Executive Director of the Center for California Studies at Cal State University, Sacramento.

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