Air Turbulence as United Files for Bankruptcy

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Since airline deregulation in 1978, the friendly skies have been filled with competitive dog-fights whose casualties include Pan American, Eastern and TWA. During the 90-s, United made big profits selling high-priced, last-minute tickets to busy executives whose companies had plenty of money. Then, even before September 11, bargain-hunters began switching to low-cost, no frills air travel. Now, as 81,000 employees are brace for layoffs, unsecured creditors are meeting to set up the committee that will oversee a bankrupt United Airlines. So what will become of in-flight dining, frequent-flyer miles, and flying where and when you want, at a price you can afford? We look at major changes ahead for the airline industry with airline management and aviation security consultants, a web-based travel writer and the head of the Air Line Pilots Association.
  • Newsmaker: Boston Feels Cardinal Law-s Resignation
    At the Vatican today, Pope John Paul accepted the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Law as Archbishop of Boston. Law apologized and begged forgiveness for the way he-s handled the sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests. Alan Wolfe, who directs the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College, reports on the history of revelations that led to Law-s resignation as well as reaction from Boston.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Senator Lott and Southern Political Culture
    President Bush has rebuked Mississippi Senator Trent Lott for waxing nostalgic over the Dixiecrat movement of 1948. Yet, despite a history of similar comments and associations with racist causes, the White House has not called for Lott to step down as Senate Republican leader. Rice University political scientist Earl Black traces Lott-s history with race-related causes, as well as the politics of the Republican Party and the new South.

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