Al, George and the Supremes

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Despite winning the popular vote nationwide, Al Gore will acknowledge tonight that he won't be the next President. After last night's Supreme Court decision, will he concede or use other language to say he's lost? We join Congressmen and legal experts in a discussion about the politics of this legal process, legalities of the political process, and how the prickly issue of "equal protection" will return as we face Congressional redistricting.
  • Newsmaker: Gore Giving Up Race for White House - Ron Brownstein, national political reporter for the Los Angeles Times speaks with us from Tallahassee about last night's Supreme Court decision that effectively put an end to Al Gore's hopes for the Presidency.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Supreme Court: Past and Future - Justice Breyer wrote a bitter dissent to last night's Supreme Court decision, citing his fear that the public would lose confidence in the court as the result of it's intervention in such a "highly politicized matter". Tinsley Yarbrough, author of many books on the Supreme Court and its leaders, talks about the court as a political institution.



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