American Jews and Their Crisis of Conscience

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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called on American Jews to help mobilize world opinion on Israel's behalf. But if America's Jews are unwavering in their support for the Jewish state of Israel, they are polarized in their attitudes about the current Prime Minister and his military actions in the Palestinian Territories. While some praise his military campaign against terrorism on the West Bank, others call for outright opposition. We sample this division with a rabbi who remains a proponent of the Oslo accords, Tikkun editor and peacenik Michael Lerner, Malcolm Hoenlein, of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and a Los Angeles businesswoman who, despite her upbringing, felt obliged to speak out.
  • Newsmaker: Powell Trip to Middle East
    Colin Powell held meetings in Egypt today on his way to Jerusalem later this week. For the first time, he said he will meet with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. That decision was made before latest violence claimed life of 13 Israeli soldiers in Jenin. The Christian Science Monitor's Philip Smucker is following the Secretary of State who is pressing Arab leaders to call for an end to terrorist attacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Funeral of the Queen Mother
    After nine days of official mourning, a million people lined London streets today for the Queen Mum's funeral procession to Westminster Abbey. Jonathan Freedland, journalist and author of Bring Home the Revolution: How Britain Can Bring Home the American Dream, says that the death of the 101 year-old monarch has become the occasion for both dignified mourning and a national debate over the Monarchy itself.

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