America's "Day without Immigrants"

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It's not just in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, but in Allentown, Omaha and Liberal, Kansas. Millions of immigrants are expected to make their presence known by staying off the job, out of school, and away from retail businesses. Others are joining them at massive rallies all over the country. Will their demonstration of economic influence turn into political clout? Will a backlash make today's effort counterproductive? Is Congress paying attention? Warren Olney monitors this "day without immigrants" for its economic impact and its political consequences with journalists and activists around the country.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Third Anniversary of 'Mission Accomplished'
    Three years ago today, President Bush appeared on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in front of the famously premature slogan "Mission Accomplished," to declare "the tyrant has fallen and Iraq is free." Today, reporting on the recent visit of Secretaries Rice and Rumsfeld, the President admitted that there were "tough days ahead," but that Iraq has reached "a turning point." William Arkin, a veteran of the Army Intelligence service, is military affairs analysis for NBC.

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